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We bring many benefits, good ideas and much useful information to the bachelor.  Consider it a kind of club for single men, whether lifelong, or born again bachelors.  (No pole dancers however, and the only tips you can leave are ones that help your fellow single man).

This site will help upgrade your lifestyle, offer topics and tricks to be your bachelor best, and generally nudge you in the VIP direction of enjoying your life without the aggravation or alimony payments that spring from being married…or having been.

Your host, having learned from the mistakes of others in his 35 years as a New York divorce and family law attorney, has remained a life long bachelor, and enjoyed a peaceful and prosperous existence thereby.

A regular article contributor from 2008-2015 to one of the largest James Bond lifestyle websites, having lived and/or traveled to Mexico, Germany, Singapore, Korea, Costa Rica, Denmark and the Bahamas, he searches and researches to bring the bachelor the VIP treatment he deserves, from others, and from himself.


So get comfortable, grab an adult beverage, read the postings that follow and join us on our journey. As always, if you have a useful contribution to make to your brother bachelors, please comment.



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The busy bachelor is on the go, and he needs a VIP phone service with all the bells and whistles that can follow him on his adventures.

Voice mail and fax to email, call forwarding, call blocking, call screening, dial by name, auto attendant, music on hold, conference calls and more.

Local and toll free numbers available, and you can get all of this for just under ten bucks a month.

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The other day I was talking to an acquaintance, who is a very well preserved seventy one.  He is in great shape physically, but admits to occasional bouts of depression…age related.

For the senior bachelor, some adjustment to this time of life is required, but it needn’t be depressing, and if done properly, can be most enjoyable.

Of course, you relationship with much younger women is only going to be some form of pay for play, if that’s what you want. If you aren’t turned on by women in your age group, that’s understandable. We are not programmed to be attracted to wrinkles, cellulite, and sagging flesh. Don’t beat yourself up for obeying evolution.

You didn’t create it.

Speaking of sagging flesh and all, the senior bachelor might not exactly be the Tarzan he once was. What to do?

One: Exercise in an age appropriate way.  One great resistance tool is the good old Bullworker.   

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Isometrics. Done properly, it is safe and effective. Much cheaper than gym membership, and you are less likely to mess yourself up.

Two: When out in public, dress sharp. Make sure your clothes fit, and make sure they are a cut above what the average schlump in your neighborhood is wearing. Take a look at the online offerings at Joseph A. Bank, and Paul Fredrick.

Going to the supermarket? Dress up.  Most others won’t be looking good. You, however, will be admired by the better class of women feeling the melons, and the checkout clerk will be more careful with your groceries when packing.

One of the cool things about being a senior bachelor is we look good in hats.  Wear one that is situation and weather appropriate.  It lends a certain air of authority.

Three: Frequent age appropriate watering holes. You don’t want to be the oldest man in the crowd, you just want to be the sharpest.  Piano bars are a good venue, so are the bars at the better types of restaurants.

Happy hour is the best time to go.

Four: Keep your residence looking Presidential. Neat, organized, with carefully chosen art on the walls, and the type of furniture that spells out class.

Work on all of the above, and not only will you be kept busy, you’ll feel better, look better, and be happy with your stage of bachelor living.

Enlightened Bachelor

One of the handiest things you can “every day carry” is a pocket flashlight.  You need it to be easy to slip into a pocket, bright enough to properly light your way through the darkness, and have it use easy to find batteries when replacement is called for, to wit: AA types.

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One item that certainly fits the bill is the Tactical 5.11 Unisex TMT PLx Penlight.

90 Lumens, runs for 4 hours on 2 AA batteries. Be bright, bachelor, buy this one today.


If you want a refreshing lager, 4.4% alcohol, you might want to try Modelo Especial.  A Mexican beer, quite a good seller in the US, and greatly appreciated in its country of origin, Modelo Especial brings a fresh crisp taste to your palate.

Stock the fridge, bachelor.  Your pals that are fans of lagers are going to love this.



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One of the must haves for a bachelor pad is a great television, one with sufficient bells and whistles.  Now there are many brands out there to purchase, but I will respectfully suggest you explore the LG line of smart TVs.

I’m still enjoying mine, purchased in 2012, and the color and clarity are great, access to apps which are still supported in a TV of this age is a snap. (Youtube app is no more on 2012 and older TVs, but I access that through my younger wi-fi Samsung blue ray dvd player).

Take a look around amazon at the LG line, and see what you think.


Depending where you live, you can either get great pizza, (New York) or some franchise chain produced crap that’s all dough and no show. (Most other places).

There is of course the ubiquitous frozen pizza, and there are a few decent brands out there: Red Baron, DiGiorno, and Newman’s Own, to name several.

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What’s a really easy bachelor efficient means of cooking the decent frozen kind? Set it and forget it until its “ring” time?

I swear by the Nutrichef pizza maker.  Finest kind, and it makes the frozen stuff taste better than most of the “freshly made” gunk you are going to get at the local strip mall parlor.

It’s inexpensive, works great, and it doesn’t require a whole lot of effort on your part. Buy it and try it.


Summertime and the living is freakin’ warm to say the least.  Nobody wants to be sweating in their otherwise way cool bachelor pad, and this is where a handy dandy item known as the air circulation fan comes in.

By itself it works well when the mercury hasn’t reached to the moon, and in tandem with an air conditioner, it’s just what the iceman ordered.

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Your humble blog host swears by the Honeywell brand, and you will too.  Get it here

Make Up Your Mind

Here is an edited version of an article of mine that first appeared on jamesbondlifestyle.com


 I have selected perhaps the only passage in the novel THUNDERBALL wherein we get a glimpse of the Bond Brain.

Here’s the quote from a conversation Bond has with Domino, (the sister of the pilot killed by Largo’s men) during dinner:

“I make up my own mind about men and women. What’s the good of other people’s opinions?”

Each one of us has unique experiences . Each one of us has a different degree of intelligence, tolerance, intolerance, passion, or sangfroid.  Given the uniqueness of our makeup, Bond’s advice makes a great deal of sense. Make up your own mind, and don’t be overly influenced by the opinions of others.

Perhaps you are in sales.  Other salespeople have opined that Company X is a bad prospect, or a tough sale, or some other negative thing.  Yet, the unique you may feel differently, and obtain a different result than that predicted by your peers.

With respect to a bachelor’s potential romantic partners, same thing.  One man’s beauty is another man’s stimulus to a lifetime of celibacy.  One man may like the adventurous type, and another the homebody. Neither are wrong. Neither are right.  It is an individual taste matter, and as long as you are acting in accordance with your own unique set of parameters, you are doing fine.

There are of course times when other people’s opinions do count.  Politics for example.  Here we can count on them usually being wrong.  Consumer marketing is another arena where the opinions of others are paramount.  What does that lead to?  Budweiser beer and McDonalds.

So whether it’s business, booze or your choice of bordello, keep your own counsel, and remember the above words of  Bond.

You will be a better bachelor for it.



If you want an excellently constructed, flavorful and medium strength cigar, from one of the most respected cigar manufacturers in the world, you can do no better than the Hoyo de Tradicion from Hoyo de Monterrey.

Burns great, provides an array of flavors which evolve throughout the burn, and you don’t get the spins from nicotine content.

The wrapper, Honduran Rosado, comes from the Jamastran valley, the filler is Nicaraguan, Honduran and Dominican long leaves. Binder is  Connecticut habano.

Forget all the bullshit about caramel this, buttery that, nuts, cocoa and all the other crap that cigar reviewers like to pad their postings with.  This is a damn good cigar, and you should smoke it. Get it here Famous Smoke Shop Cigars on Sale