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In this VIP BACHELOR CLUB, there are no lap dances, just solid advice to upgrade your lifestyle to where you want it to be.

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Watch Out

We are often told, and your humble blog host believes, that women notice our shoes and watches.  They broadcast our economic and personal “class.”  You don’t have to spend a fortune on a watch to leave a good impression.

Below are a few suggestions that will add to your image capital, but won’t break the bank. (They can be purchased at amazon, where I have an affiliate relationship: you don’t pay more, I get a small commission).



For many bachelors, ’tis the season to start freezin’.  Besides covering your head, one of the most important things you can do to retain body heat, is cover your hands.  Ergo, gloves.

Now there are, of course, a wide variety of gloves.  But our bachelor, being a man of “wealth and taste” (hopefully) knows that not all gloves are created equal.  He wants gloves that are not only functional, but convey his sense of classic style.  You will get noticed, you will get compliments.

Submitted for your approval: DownHolme Leather Cashmere Lined gloves.

amazon affiliate. you pay no more, I get a small commission when you get your hands on these.

If you look around, you see many men dressed up in fine suits and shoes. But, when it comes to gloves, many will wear any old thing that keeps hands warm.  Don’t you be that guy.  Explore the dress glove choices on amazon through the image link above.


Oldies but goodies: Spectator Shoes.  Those two tone kickers that put the jazz in the Jazz Age, and can jazz up your wardrobe for the spring and summer.  You too can be that sharp dressed man when you put these on your dogs.  They’re not just for swing dancers.

You can find many different styles on amazon, in a variety of two tones, but below is one of the classics in the realm of Spectator Shoes.

amazon affiliate. you pay no more, I get a small commission when you slip into these stylish shoes.



A bachelor’s reach should exceed his grasp, but his grasp should be strong.  Nothing like a strong grip to help you add pounds to the barbell, or assist you in hauling the groceries out of the car.

amazon affiliate. you pay no more, I get a small commission when you grab a hold of these.

There are many devices to strengthen your grip, but I have personally used these hand grippers to make quick gains in hand strength. Try them.


When the bachelor wants to belly up to his bar, it isn’t just the quality of his booze that makes for enjoyment, it’s what he holds it in.  In keeping with bachelor style, you should have the requisite glasses for the requisite giggle water.  

No beer glasses for wine, no wine glasses for a martini, you get the photo.

Nothing quite like a single malt in the proper glass so as to appreciate its aroma as well as its taste. Nothing quite like a crystal rock glass with sparkling ice and a Bourbon that can’t be beat.

When it’s time to up your bar class with the right glass think Libbey Bar in a Box, eighteen pieces for your drinking enjoyment.


amazon affiliate. you pay no more, I get a small commission when you grab these glasses.


A journey of a thousand  miles begins with the first step (unless you opt to drive, take a train, a ship, or fly), but c’mon let’s be nice to mangled old Chinese philosophical statements.  They work. So do the Japanese versions.

Step by step, inch by inch, that’s the Japanese Kaizen way.  Small improvements every day, leading to major beneficial changes in your lifestyle.  Whether it’s improving your living environment, your dress, your education, your finances, eat the elephant one bite at a time. That’s basically Kaizen philosophy.  Get the information you need to make those one small step at a time changes here:

amazon affiliate. you pay the same, I get a small commission when you buy the kaizen book.



amazon affiliate. you pay the same, I get a small commission when you purchase this trench coat.

Okay, not every bachelor can bring off this look.  It helps if you look like a Russian Mobster, an Eastern European Spy, or Darth Vader’s life coach.  But if you can swing it, you’ll be a standout VIP bachelor in a black leather trench coat. 

Wear it. See if you don’t get treated with a bit more respect than usual. Awe even. Perhaps even a touch of fear.  You probably always wanted one, so why not go for it?


Housekeeping/housecleaning. What bachelor really likes doing this; but it is a necessity.  The VIP bachelor should live in a dwelling that reflects his class, his style, his neatness, and the fact that hidden away in some cupboard are a bunch of cleaning supplies and tools.

But, you don’t have to make it a marathon.  Ten minutes a day will find you free of dust bunnies and other filthy fauna you don’t want hanging around in your bachelor pad.

amazon affiliate. you pay no more, I get a small commission when you get this neat book.

Here’s a guide for you to go for it:


amazon affiliate. you pay no more, I get a small commission when you square up with these.

You know, there’s a reason your suit coat has that breast pocket.  It is the location where you should put that silk/linen/cotton handkerchief, more properly known as the pocket square.

You aren’t completely dressed up without a pocket square.  It is the finishing touch on your outfit that can be the start of something big.

Here’s a link that shows the various methods of stuffing your pocket square, from the traditional to the more intricate.  Click on the image above to buy some great pocket squares at a great price.



Okay, there is golf. Ho hum. Want something more challenging, more aerobic, more romantic and just plain more bachelor cool?

amazon affiliate. This documentary costs you the same, I make a small commission.

FENCING.  Great workout, like combat chess between pirates and other swashbuckling types, but you are the chessman, and you get to whack people with a (dull) foil, epee’ or saber. (Saber is the most fun, I think, because you can slash as well as stab).

I have seen men in their eighties who can still make like Errol Flynn.  The competition in this sport is fast and furious, and a hell of a lot of fun. Even James Bond did it in the movies. (Die Another Day).

Women love it when they hear you fence, and you can get some rich clients from it…just like golf, only better.  Click on the image above, and get turned on to the six part documentary.