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What You Can’t See Can Hurt You

Image result for the invisible man 1933
            It’s all romance in the beginning…

Moving right along with our Halloween movie advice fest, we take a look…bad choice of words…at THE INVISIBLE MAN, another James Whale classic horror masterpiece, and see what Universal lessons on love we may gather. 

Ah yes, those first 90 days of a new relationship, everything is perfect, maybe you have even found your soul mate, your life partner.  Nobody even breaks wind. Yes, the faults may be invisible in the beginning, but sooner or later, the truth comes out, and you find yourself in bed together for the hundredth time, snoring and farting on each other, and nobody really caring anymore.

Go into a new relationship with eyes open, VIP Bachelor.  You don’t know what hidden horrors may be lurking in your lady love.  But rest assured, hang around long enough, (about three months or so), and they will come screaming out at you through the mask she uses to hide her defects.

Image result for the invisible man 1933
  Don’t lose your head over a new love

Maybe the bachelor should look at relationships like he looks at automobile oil…there is a need for a change every three months to keep things running smooth.

Oh how cynical, oh how bitter!  Yeah, right.  If you believe in lifelong romance gents, do three things. 

One, go to a supermarket and watch the man with the thousand yard stare traipsing through the aisles with his wife and kiddies in tow. Two, go to the local family court, or whatever the equivalent is in your neck of the woods, and see all of the people at each other’s throats, who once said that they would love the other forever.  Three, go to a second time around singles bar and look at all of the joyous expressions on the patrons in search of their next mistake…I mean romantic relationship.

So what happened to the invisible man at the end of the movie?  He winds up getting shot to death in a freezing snow covered field, after he is burned out of his hiding place. Of course, his lady love survives intact.  Like the invisible man, reality becomes all too visible when it’s too late.

Now, after those happy thoughts, it’s time to watch a good horror movie to cheer yourself up this Halloween season.  For an eye opening experience, try “watching” THE INVISIBLE MAN.

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Universal Love Lesson on Going Ape

Continuing with our Halloween season look at how the old horror movies from Universal can advise us on the proper course to take in our VIP Bachelor lives, we take a look at the 1933 classic, KING KONG.

Image result for king kong 1933
               Do you come here often?

Now lesson one should be, be careful dating a woman you find chained up in the jungle waiting to be sacrificed.  This could eventually spell trouble for you.

Also, for lesson two, be aware that these inter-species relationships come with a lot of social pressure and your relationship is not likely to survive.

Image result for king kong 1933
                        Kong about to make a pass.

As a third lesson, it isn’t always a good idea to take a date to the top of the Empire State Building, because you never know who you might run into.

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So what is a good idea? Get the Blu-Ray of this classic and enjoy this different take on beauty and the beast.  Makes ideal watching for your Thanksgiving after dinner slouch on the couch. 



Universal Love Lessons–When Your Heart is at Stake

Image result for dracula
    Looks like Bela is going to take the stares.

Once again during this Halloween month, we journey to the old Universal Horror films for our edification as VIP Bachelors.  This time we fly along with Dracula.  

The guy had life by the balls.  He could sleep during the day, stay up all night, and turn into a mist, a bat, or a wolf. (Many VIP Bachelors turn into a wolf at times, but not the mist or the bat thing.)

He was around five hundred years old, and didn’t look a day over two hundred or so. He could fly in first class style without being hassled by some TSA idiot or sitting next to a fat guy with a flatulence problem.. (Sometimes however, in the movies, he traveled coach–sorry).

It’s sure good to be a vampire.  It’s even better to be the king of the vampires, Dracula. (Guy never had a first name in the movie did he, just “Count.”)

So what does he go and do?  He falls in love with Mina Seward, a doctor’s daughter and a mortal.  He gives her a pointed hickey and she falls for him, hook, line and fang.

He even feeds her on his own blood!

But, he runs into a ton of resistance from other mortals who think he sucks as a significant other to Mina.  He eventually winds up with a stake through his heart, while Mina gets away none the worse for wear. (Her neck bites must have healed quickly).

So what lesson does that teach us, gents? 

First, don’t fall in love with a girl with a ton of close and nosy relatives.  Second, don’t fall in love with somebody who is socially beneath you (mortals vs. immortals).  Third, being undead never means having to say your buried.

Image result for dracula bela lugosi
Vot? You only have a VHS tape of my movie?
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And in case you don’t have this classic in your DVD library, redeem yourself and get the Blu-Ray.  I promise it doesn’t suck. Click on the image below and sink your teeth into a classic. 



Universal Lessons In Love II

Image result for bride of frankenstein
           Don’t mess up her manicure.

Continuing with our Halloween season analysis of how some of the old Universal Horror Movies can provide the VIP Bachelor with some important life lessons, we cast our jaundiced eye upon The Bride of Frankenstein, the 1935 masterpiece of director James Whale.  

This time, Frankie’s monster realizes that just wantonly murdering people isn’t completely fulfilling, and he wants a mate.  A wife, which is one of the words he speaks in the movie while looking at an old pile of bones. (How symbolic, how instructive!)

Actually, wanting a woman made from the parts of dead people isn’t that far off from wanting to get married in the first place–it’s just plain nuts!

In pursuit of his love, the monster bitches and moans, and maims and murders, so that Doctor Frankenstein will sew something together that the monster can reap. (Reap, reap, not that other word that sounds like reap, which is apparently performed on a regular basis by certain media moguls.)

Thus, with a dash of bone here, a pinch of blood there, and the addition of a little lightning, the monster gets his mate, who definitely needs a new hair stylist.

Image result for bride of frankenstein
     Marriage isn’t on her mind at the moment.

But, just like life, the female fiend does not like the male monster.  She is repelled by his appearance, not realizing she ain’t exactly Miss America, (but could be a candidate for Mess America). 

So old Frankie gets pissed off and decides to blow everything up, except for the guy that made him, and his wife. (Actually that might be a better form of revenge).

So the point is gents, don’t let female rejection get to you, don’t pull that lever and blow up your castle, and most of all, don’t even think about getting married.

The Bride of Frankenstein (Universal Studios Classic Monster Collection)
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But you should give serious consideration to getting the Blu-Ray of this classic film, because not to do so, would be monstrous.  Get it here: 



Universal Lessons In Love

Since it’s the season of Halloween, let’s take a look this month at some of the classic Universal Horror movies, and see how they might afford us some good old fashioned, tried and true advice for the VIP Bachelor.

Today, we will unwrap “The Mummy” and see what secrets it can offer us.

Image result for universal the mummy 1932
The Mummy checking out the VIP Bachelor Club’s latest postings. So should you.

Our bandaged friend is discovered on an expeditionary dig by archaeologists, and after exiting screen left when a certain Scroll of Thoth is read by an over eager young scientist, he reappears next as a wizened and wicked Ardeth Bay, modern day malevolent miscreant.

Old Ardath is after the present re-incarnation of his old and moldy love, the Princess Ankh Es En Amon, for whom he died a horrible death while trying to resurrect her corpse.  The lady’s name is taken from an actual princess of Old Egypt, whose name means “Her life is of Amon.” (An Egyptian god).

So, right away, we see that our bandaged up buddy got the shaft trying to do his girlfriend the small favor of bringing her back to life. 

No good deed goes unpunished, and our boy had his tongue cut out and was buried alive for about three thousand years.  (Not as bad as having to go to family court, but still no walk in the desert).

So our manly mummy pulls out all the stops to get the current edition of his princess back, but winds up getting burned in the end.

The moral of the story, more or less, is don’t go out of your way to get back an old girlfriend, it could prove fatal, or at least flammable.  Had our boy Bay looked elsewhere for some new action, he might have escaped a fate worse than a second death.

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If you haven’t seen this classic, you should. In fact, you should own the DVD, in fact, you should own the whole collection of Universal Mummy movies, so click on the image at left, and get the Blu-Ray, it’s worth it.

The next Universal Love Lesson coming soon to this blog near you,will be from The Bride of Frankenstein, so stay tuned and keep up your lightning rod. 



Season’s Bleeding Reading

Gentlemen, it is once again October, the month in which many parts of the world celebrate Halloween, or its local equivalent. Time to play!

For those of you who enjoy at Halloween a good read over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore, I offer up two e-books by your humble blogmaster, which should serve to entertain you between the pumpkin ale and the binge watching of Supernatural.

For some very inexpensive yet very entertaining thrills, Submitted for your approval:

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Miranda Rites and Esprit De Corpse are combined in this Horror Bundle. Miranda Rites deals with a true crime story of an exorcism ending in murder. Esprit De Corpse is a collection of  original horror stories by me, most of which were traditionally published.

SUPREME SACRIFICE: Santeria, Animal Sacrifice and the Courts by [MANDELBAUM, W. ADAM]
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a look the legal landscape of the controversy over animal sacrifice and the First Amendment, written in plain English. From and beyond the Supreme Court’s Landmark decision in 1993.  Spooky and educational.

Get you copies today on Amazon Kindle, and let the trembling begin!




In Praise of Older Women

Dedicated bachelors, are dedicated to maintaining that status and are not interested in the “joys” of wife and children.  However, most are interested in the joy of sex.

                                Let the MILF serve you

Gentlemen, I submit for your approval, the concept of the MILF. Mothers, I’d Like to F— (the last word, by the way isn’t “find” but it does rhyme with duck).

Sex without the sword of Damocles of possible marriage and children hanging over your VIP Bachelor head.  Sounds pretty good, huh?

So you need to set your age targets a little higherMaybe ten to fifteen years higher if you are in the range of 25-35. 

Once you reach a certain age of course, the mathematics will lead you only to the graveyard, and that sort of thing is still illegal, plus no lubricant in the world is going to make much of a difference. (You want to be the only “stiff” in the relationship).

So, as a a wise man once observed, “If you want to catch measles, you have to go where they’re at,” you are going to have to cast your bait in the waters where the MILF swims.

The laundromat, in certain not too upscale neighborhoods, the supermarket, (the Whole Food type of places), various artsy-fartsy functions.  Piano bars, and bars that cater to the second time around crowd.

You, being younger of course, will be sexually attractive to the MILF, who does not want to acknowledge that there is a hill coming, over which she will soon be.  You must be that sharp dressed man that every girl (or MILF) is crazy about, and you must bring your manners with you, if you want to score well.

She’s not going to want to trap you with a baby, she is not going to want to marry you, she is just going to want to make the monster with two backs with you as early and often as possible.

You of course, will be glad to oblige. 

Having regular sex puts you in a good negotiating position with the females (or males if you are thus inclined) of your own age group.

It’s a win–win situation. 

Of course, sooner or later, you are going to get the Hell away from grandma in search of something more wet and wild, and she is going to eventually try and monkey branch her way to the next idiot willing to support her, but hey, nothing lasts forever.

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Read this book at left, for some ideas how the MILF thinks and happy hunting. OLDER WOMEN, YOUNGER MEN.





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Any product or service you select that can assist you in the administration of your business, can make the difference between well gotten gains, or ill rotten garbage.

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Some of you old guys may remember the first run of the show, some of you young’ns may never have heard of it, but if you like classic bachelor TV shows, (and you will), you have to check out this late 50’s early 60’s Private Eye drama, PETER GUNN. 

Craig Stevens plays the charming but tough detective who hangs out with the best chicks, comes up against the most interesting villains, and lurks in the coolest jazz clubs this side of Mad Men.

Best part?  You can access the series for FREE at Youtube. Like click here, man.

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BUT WAIT!!! Before you split, VIP Bachelor, you have to check out the soundtrack of this show!

<===Click the image at left.





We all have desires, wishes, daydreams. Great, but those aren’t goals.  “I would love to live in a castle one day,” is a wish.  “I will save ten percent of my earnings to buy a one bedroom condominium within three years,” is a goal.

Look at the difference between the two. 

Odds of you living in a castle are remote, unless you are an over sized toothy motivational speaker, or a foul mouthed old man living on his achievements from thirty years ago. (Tony Robbins?  Dan Pena?)

The condo idea is more of a goal.  One, it is possible, maybe even probable.  Two, it has a deadline. Three, it has a source for its achievement (your earnings). Four, it has a reasonably achievable sacrifice, (your saving ten percent).

See the difference?

Let’s say you are a salesman.  You want to make more money.  That is a desire, not a goal.  Now, you can boldly say that “Next year I will make $______ in commissions.”  Yeah, okay, sure.  How the fuck do you know?  There are many factors outside of your control.  This is a desire, a wish, not a goal, because you cannot control it.

But, if instead you said, “Next year I will make five extra cold calls a week, and/or I will study ten sales training books/videos, and I will regularly try to upsell my best customers..”  now there is a goal.  It is within your control.  The actions are achievable, the results may or may not follow, however.  Yet, by doing those things you increase the chances of reaching your desire, by accomplishing the actions which are your goals.

Yes, write your goals down, and review them regularly. Focus on them, on working on them step by step on your journey to achieving them.

Use any media that can help. 

For example, I quickly and pretty painlessly lost a ton of weight, not by some ridiculous restrictive diet, but by using FREE hypnosis tapes available on YouTube.  If this is one of your goals, check them out. 

There are many varieties of subliminal and hypnotic videos on YouTube which can help program your mind to assist in achieving your goals.

The proper construction of a goal is crucial.  Remember, they must be possible, they must have a deadline, they must have a source for their achievement, they must describe actions–not wishes–that are in your control.

For more assistance, check out the sidebar banner for Brian Tracy.  Click on it.

(If you can’t see the sidebar on your mobile device, click on the box of lines at the  upper right of the masthead).