A Rose is a Robe

The dressing gown is a classic piece of traditional bachelor attire.  It is ideal for lounging around the bachelor pad while in pajamas, or when entertaining some special soon to be significant other.

In the old days at home, they took off the suit jacket to relax, and put the dressing gown over their shirt and tie and pants. (WTF???) But that’s what they did.  That may be a tad too old school for today’s man.

You’ve seen it in the old movies, perhaps you own some kind of terry cloth abomination, but we are talking the dressing gown, not the bathrobe. Save the flannel plaid stuff for Saturday morning cartoon watching. The dressing gown upgrades your personal style at home, and isn’t that what we are aiming for while home alone or not alone?

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A great trademark for class dressing gowns (and other sleep related wear) is Derek Rose.  Take a look at a fine example:

Enter through the .gif shop at right and take a gander at these Roses that do not have any thorns. Style and comfort…a happy marriage for the bachelor.