Good Sense of Humidor

Many of our VIP bachelors enjoy fine cigars.  (Some enjoy not so fine cigars too).  In any event, tobacco leaves used in cigars come mainly from tropical environments. (Not all, there are leaves used from Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Connecticut also, but the majority are from Central America, the Caribbean, and parts South).

Since these are tropical plants, they need to be kept within certain temperature and humidity ranges even when they have been rolled into cigars.  It keeps the cigars fresh and helps maintain flavor.  When properly aged, many cigars improve in taste.

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To do all of that, to keep your cigars within the 65-70% humidity range and within the around 70 degrees Fahrenheit temperature range you need a humidor.

Too high a temperature, too high humidity, your cigars can be ruined, and evil little tobacco beetles can pop out and eat your pets, demolish your house, and steal your immortal soul.  Well, maybe not, but they will ruin your cigars at least.

Now there are a variety of humidification devices available for your cigars, and please use distilled water only.

So what’s the best method of keeping your cigars happy, with the least amount of maintenance on your part?

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These packs (2 for every fifty cigars please) are no fuss no  muss when it comes to keeping your cigars at the proper humidity. (Proper temperature is up to you, make the proper climate control adjustments.  Cigars pretty much like the temperatures you do in your room 68-70 F.)

The interesting thing about Bovedas, is they make sure it’s not too wet, not too dry in your humidor. You could say they are bi-directional. They last several months, and then you toss them and add new ones to your humidor.  They come in a variety of humidity settings.

Use them, because they make protecting your cigars hassle free. Check them out by clicking on the above image.

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Here’s lookin’ at your hat,                                Humphrey.

You must remember this; the fedora is one very cool hat for the VIP bachelor that can bring it off.  It can be the beginning of a beautiful friendship between your head and a hat.

Its wide brim, pinched crown, hatband, and felt construction make it a standout topper for your sophisticated mug.

It first started out as female hat back in the late nineteenth century, but by the mid 1920s it became a popular man’s head cover.

You’ve seen it in movies from the 30s, 40s and 50s.  (Bogey above rocks it in Casablanca). It is having a renaissance among today’s fashion savants.

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Is it for you?  Why not explore the various offerings: 



You can’t have too many pairs of cuff links, and as a  VIP bachelor, you can’t have too many cool pairs of sunglasses.  Wearing the right frames will make you a standout star, and people will be waiting for the paparazzi to appear to chase you.

Well, maybe not, but you can look pretty cool with the right shades, in addition to protecting your eyes from the evil nasty UV rays of the sun.

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Check out this pair, or any of the other amazon offerings that might catch your eye.


It’s one of the oldest cigar brands around.

Originally from Cuba, Partagas cigars eventually moved to the Dominican Republic. It might have had something to do with a guy named Fidel Castro. That late bearded shit disturbing dictator, who, among other things, nationalized the Cuban tobacco industry.

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Man oh man, VIP bachelor, if you like cigars, you have to try the various offerings of Partagas. The construction is superb, the taste tells you what a cigar is supposed to be.  You’ll never go wrong pulling out a Partagas from your cigar case, and you’ll never go wrong pulling your Partagas out of a cigar case like the one seen in this post.



Old Time Bachelor Books

Bachelors have been around for a long time.  Even longer than married people.  Sometimes it’s interesting to read about how it was done in days of yore.

Below are some links to free old time bachelor books available from Project Gutenberg.  Enjoy.

 The Complete Bachelor — Manners for Men  

The Gentlemen’s Book of Etiquette and Manual of Politeness

 and this one:



Now isn’t that a great way to start your day?  Fortunately, the warning was a mistake…a really big one.  Those dwellers in tropical paradise had a bad half hour or so, when they thought that the land of pineapples would soon have a big mushroom cloud over it.

The point for bachelors was poetically put by seventeenth century writer Robert Herrick in his poem  To the Virgins To Make Much of Time when he penned these lines:  Gather ye rosebuds while ye may, Old Time is still a-flying; And this same flower that smiles today Tomorrow will be dying.

So, gentlemen, smoke the good cigars, drink the premium Scotch, enjoy your existence to the max…because one never knows when one fine morning it will be your last day on earth.


Of course, bachelors do not live by this blog alone. So here are some blog recommendations for your enjoyment, entertainment and education:

Sven Raphael Schneider does a great job of educating men on what classic styles to wear in Gentleman’s Gazette.  For the sartorial Anglophile, there is The Rake.  

If you want to dress like James Bond, check out Bond Suits.  Bryan Sacawa gives you a ton of information on how to live more stylishly, and look great while you are doing it at He Spoke Style.

So explore the above sites, and remember, when commenting to mention that you found out about their blogs on


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One of the traditional jewelry items for the well dressed man is the signet ring.  This ring, usually worn on the pinkie, will bear initials of the wearer, or depending upon the pedigree of our VIP bachelor, the family coat of arms.

Signet rings have been around for many centuries.  Royalty and government ministers often used them to impress their official seal on important documents, correspondence and mandates.

If you aren’t yet royalty or a government minister, you can still impress others with your signet ring.  Here’s an example above, and a gateway to shop for your impressive signet ring.


If you are a fan of true crime and mob history, you definitely want to get a copy of SHADOW OF MY FATHER, written by John Gotti Jr.

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This book, besides being a fascinating inside look at the workings of the mob in the eighties and nineties, and the dirty tricks the government uses to try and get convictions at any cost, serves as the basis for the forthcoming movie in the summer of 2018, about John Gotti and his son. John Travolta stars as the teflon don.

I had the good fortune of assisting John in the researching, fact checking and editing of this book, and have been his personal family attorney and close friend since 1999.

Buy it today.


Happy New Year to all. 

This year, our enlightened VIP bachelor should learn to take advantage of all the benefits he has available to him. 

Credit cards offer points which can be used in purchases towards travel and purchases, or cash back. Have you been taking advantage of them?

You should in 2018.

Memberships like AAA or AARP offer many discounts and offers not available otherwise.  Have you been taking advantage of them?

You should in 2018.

Courtesy cards in places like CVS, Rite Aid or supermarket chains offer  savings which can total more than hundreds of dollars a year.  Have you signed up for these, and are you taking advantage of these cards?

You should in 2018.

You have various electronic devices that have, in all probability, many features that you aren’t using, and maybe even are unfamiliar with.  Learn them, and make sure you are taking advantage of such additional features.

On a personal note, a bit back, I scored a beautiful dressing gown, and some fitness equipment for free.  I just used accumulated points from American Express–points from purchases I had already made. I’ve received road maps for free from AAA.  On other credit cards, I’ve used accumulated points to reduce a month’s bill.

Start thinking about all of the things you are not yet taking advantage of, the discounts, the privileges. Then ask yourself have you been using them?

You should in 2018.