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Are you carrying a torch?  Well, here’s one worth carrying when you need to be quick with a joke and to light up a smoke.  These gold colored lighters don’t use gas, they use electricity.

How enlightening is that?  They’re rechargeable, and the battery can last for up to 300 lights.  Then just plug it into a usb port, and within 2 hours, you are good to come on baby light that fire again and again.

Much better than a Bic when a lady asks for a light.  Plus, you get two of them for a low price.

A smart look and a smart purchase for the VIP bachelor.


The cigarette smoking bachelor can look more VIP with a cigarette case.  They have been around for a couple of centuries, and add a little panache to your favorite ash.

They can also protect your cigarettes from being crushed better than the packaging in which they originally came. (See, I didn’t end the sentence with a preposition.  There are benefits to an education).

Don’t smoke?  Well, you can repurpose the cigarette case to hold business cards, and pass them out with a flair to be remembered.

Myself, I prefer the Victorian designed cases.

Here is a good example:

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You’ve come to the right place for tips and tricks to make your single lifestyle more elevated, taking you out of the cheap seats and making you a VIP bachelor.

Visit the various postings and learn about the techniques and technology that will put you on the road to better bachelor living.

Fortunately for your blog host, he has remained a bachelor all of his life. (Having represented men in some 400 divorces in New York during his law career might have something to do with that).

Your host was a frequent article contributor to one of the largest and best known James Bond Lifestyle sites from 2008-2015, and has lived or traveled in Germany, Denmark, Costa Rica, Korea, Singapore, the Bahamas and Mexico.

In this VIP BACHELOR CLUB, there are no lap dances, just solid advice to upgrade your lifestyle to where you want it to be.

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So grab an adult beverage, wander around the postings and most importantly, have fun. Don’t forget to bookmark this blog and put a link in your homescreen.


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One of the best creators of classic fountain pens is the Parker Pen Company.  I have several models of both ballpoint and fountain pens.

Among my favorites, for style, class, and writing those missives requiring a solid signature, is the Parker Sterling Silver Sonnet.

It definitely makes a statement, not only in writing, but in the verbal appreciation of others who will compliment you on your taste.

Use it for your journal, use it to sign checks.

Whip this one out at your next contract signing, and you will definitely be thought of as a VIP bachelor.


The concept of the cocktail shaker goes back to the ancient civilizations that supposedly were jump started by aliens.  (One wonders what the reptilians from the stars put in their cocktail shakers while they were probing human Egyptian entrances and starting pyramid schemes).

Jazz age cocktail shakers were sometimes made of sterling silver, for a luxurious temporary housing for a soon to be born martini. The cheap seat customers had to make do with glass or nickel plated shakers, but they still got the job done. Have enough of the contents therein and it was definitely twenty three skidoo to the porcelain god.

From the thirties through the fifties, the cocktail shaker was an emblem of class, and for the bachelor, a symbol of his swinging lifestyle.

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As a VIP bachelor, when it comes to a cocktail shaker, you want something a little different, something a little retro to remind you of the glory days of cocktail culture.  Twine has the answer.


Tea is so good for you.  Don’t be one of the peasants who put milk, or sugar or lemon in yours. Just get a proper tea, and you will enjoy its properties, without the need of adulteration.

One of the great teas you can try, if you like dark smoky teas, is Scottish Breakfast Tea.  A great brand is BRODIESIt’s kind of like the Johnnie Walker Black of teas. 

amazon affiliate link. you pay no more, I earn a small commission when you buy this great tea.

Good for you, with a sophisticated taste, it makes a great substitute for coffee. Try it.

Bachelor Rituals

Rituals are important to the bachelor.  Perhaps you have a certain morning ritual. You have your coffee, your bagel (or more healthy equivalent), you read your paper, etc. Then off to work, or whatever you do to pay the bills.

It is a tradition, it is the formal start of your day. Rituals are a good idea, they give you structure, they can also springboard you into better habits.

What kind of new rituals can you incorporate in your day to make you a better bachelor?

If exercise is something you want to add to your lifestyle, (and you should), perhaps you might want to add that to your morning ritual. Get it out of the way before you come up with a thousand and one excuses why you can’t exercise.

It is a great way to jump start your day, as long as you don’t overdo it.

Perhaps you want to add a “Happy Hour” ritual to your day.  When work is done, and it’s time for fun, why not have a signature cocktail at 5:00 PM or whatever is your equivalent of Happy Hour.  It gives you something to look forward to, and it separates your work day from your personal time.

There may be a whole bunch of new habits that would improve your bachelor lifestyle.  If you make them part of a ritual, the chances are greater that you will keep to those habits, and make yourself a better man.

Let’s say, for example, you want to be a better dressed bachelor. Useful for both professional and personal advancement.

You might want to have a ritual, the evening before your dress up day, where you carefully select your wardrobe for the coming morning, and you place it on a valet (preferably) or a hanger.

You do this to the accompaniment of some of your favorite music.  Here is an example of what I am talking about

So think about what rituals might benefit you, and what new habits you want to incorporate in them.


The busy bachelor is on the go, and he needs a VIP phone service with all the bells and whistles that can follow him on his adventures.

Voice mail and fax to email, call forwarding, call blocking, call screening, dial by name, auto attendant, music on hold, conference calls and more.

Local and toll free numbers available, and you can get all of this for just under ten bucks a month.

Fans of this blog get a ring up on the competition now, from Phone Com. (affiliate link)


The other day I was talking to an acquaintance, who is a very well preserved seventy one.  He is in great shape physically, but admits to occasional bouts of depression…age related.

For the senior bachelor, some adjustment to this time of life is required, but it needn’t be depressing, and if done properly, can be most enjoyable.

Of course, your relationship with much younger women is only going to be some form of pay for play, if that’s what you want. If you aren’t turned on by women in your age group, that’s understandable. We are not programmed to be attracted to wrinkles, cellulite, and sagging flesh. Don’t beat yourself up for obeying evolution.

You didn’t create it.

Speaking of sagging flesh and all, the senior bachelor might not exactly be the Tarzan he once was. What to do?

One: Exercise in an age appropriate way.  One great resistance tool is the good old Bullworker.   

amazon affiliate link. you pay the same, I get a small commission when you buy this Bullworker.

Isometrics. Done properly, it is safe and effective. Much cheaper than gym membership, and you are less likely to mess yourself up.

Two: When out in public, dress sharp. Make sure your clothes fit, and make sure they are a cut above what the average schlump in your neighborhood is wearing. Take a look at the online offerings at Joseph A. Bank, and Paul Fredrick.

Going to the supermarket? Dress up.  Most others won’t be looking good. You, however, will be admired by the better class of women feeling the melons, and the checkout clerk will be more careful with your groceries when packing.

One of the cool things about being a senior bachelor is we look good in hats.  Wear one that is situation and weather appropriate.  It lends a certain air of authority.

Three: Frequent age appropriate watering holes. You don’t want to be the oldest man in the crowd, you just want to be the sharpest.  Piano bars are a good venue, so are the bars at the better types of restaurants.

Happy hour is the best time to go.

Four: Keep your residence looking Presidential. Neat, organized, with carefully chosen art on the walls, and the type of furniture that spells out class.

Work on all of the above, and not only will you be kept busy, you’ll feel better, look better, and be happy with your stage of bachelor living.