Depending on how old of a bachelor you are, you may have listened to the smooth cool sounds of Sergio Mendes and Brasil 66 when their albums first came out in the sixties, or you may have discovered them later as a younger fan of bossa nova and samba music.

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If this isn’t classic bachelor pad music, it sure as hell will do, until that one comes along.

Makes you want to put on the turtleneck, the double breasted cardigan, light up a pipe, put on the phones, lean back in the recliner, and chill out as a way cool VIP bachelor.

It just doesn’t get better than Lani Hall, and the rest of the gang as they belt out bossa nova hits for sophisticated bachelor ears.

In the GREATEST HITS album, you can enjoy (and perhaps reminisce) to such songs as “Mais Que Nada”, “Scarborough Fair”, “Like a Lover”, “The Fool on the Hill”, “So Many Stars” and “Pretty World” and more.

You will enjoy their music mais que nada! Give a listen and hear for yourself.