The other day I was talking to an acquaintance, who is a very well preserved seventy one.  He is in great shape physically, but admits to occasional bouts of depression…age related.

For the senior bachelor, some adjustment to this time of life is required, but it needn’t be depressing, and if done properly, can be most enjoyable.

Of course, you relationship with much younger women is only going to be some form of pay for play, if that’s what you want. If you aren’t turned on by women in your age group, that’s understandable. We are not programmed to be attracted to wrinkles, cellulite, and sagging flesh. Don’t beat yourself up for obeying evolution.

You didn’t create it.

Speaking of sagging flesh and all, the senior bachelor might not exactly be the Tarzan he once was. What to do?

One: Exercise in an age appropriate way.  One great resistance tool is the good old Bullworker.   

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Isometrics. Done properly, it is safe and effective. Much cheaper than gym membership, and you are less likely to mess yourself up.

Two: When out in public, dress sharp. Make sure your clothes fit, and make sure they are a cut above what the average schlump in your neighborhood is wearing. Take a look at the online offerings at Joseph A. Bank, and Paul Fredrick.

Going to the supermarket? Dress up.  Most others won’t be looking good. You, however, will be admired by the better class of women feeling the melons, and the checkout clerk will be more careful with your groceries when packing.

One of the cool things about being a senior bachelor is we look good in hats.  Wear one that is situation and weather appropriate.  It lends a certain air of authority.

Three: Frequent age appropriate watering holes. You don’t want to be the oldest man in the crowd, you just want to be the sharpest.  Piano bars are a good venue, so are the bars at the better types of restaurants.

Happy hour is the best time to go.

Four: Keep your residence looking Presidential. Neat, organized, with carefully chosen art on the walls, and the type of furniture that spells out class.

Work on all of the above, and not only will you be kept busy, you’ll feel better, look better, and be happy with your stage of bachelor living.

Chain Stroking for Strength

Bachelors need to exercise their bodies by more than bending their right arms while holding a drink.

One of the best ways to quickly get stronger is via isometrics.

Isometrics is a system of physical exercises in which muscles are caused to act against each other or against a fixed object. The grandfather of isometric exercises was a man called The Amazing Samson, but his real name was Alexander Zass.

Zass, an old time strongman from the early 20th century, was famous for bending iron bars, breaking chains, carrying horses on his back, and more.

Zass demonstrating some chain isometric exercises

He became as strong as he was by using chains and metal bars in isometric exercises; pushing and pulling against them. This was what he had available, while a prisoner of war. They later served him well when he was a free man, and became a famous strongman.

There are some important cautions when using isometrics. NEVER hold your breath during an exercise, breathe normally.  Also, don’t just resist in one position only, but change the angle and distance of your exercises.

You may find isometric exercises a fast way to improved strength and health, saving time and money that otherwise would be spent pushing iron in a gym.

Of course, prior to starting any exercise program, consult your physician.

For more on Zass

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For the chain I use to perform his exercises