Mixed reviews from some on this one, but in the opinion of your humble blog master, play this one and you are going to be bouncing up and down with good feelings. Perfect for the bachelor to wake up to, or enjoy a happy hour beverage.  Check it out on youtube.  Santana: (Da Le) Yaleo – Supernatural






Whether you are a VIP bachelor already, or aspiring to become one, reality reveals that a good portion of life is rather fucking boring. Humdrum.  A snore.

So how do we pimp up the ho hum hours, the mundane moments?  One good step in the VIP direction is to get a soundtrack to back up the boring.

Now, I think we can agree that James Bond would be a VIP bachelor.  He had a soundtrack. He always had one, so why not us?

Put some music to what you are doing whenever practical. Commuting in the car? Have the appropriate CD playing. Putting the night’s dinner in the microwave? Do it to the right tune.

Try this. Watch a segment of a Bond film when he’s not fornicating or fighting, and turn the sound off. Not even half as cool is it?

So–soundtrack it.

How do you choose? How do you “Bond” with your soundtrack?

It depends on when you bonded with Bond.      Obviously you can use music from the films, but you also want to use music similar to the times and moods of the films.

If you signed on in the Connery years, we’re talking jazz, calypso, “cocktail” and “lounge” music.

If you got the photo in the eighties (heaven forbid) maybe you’re talking Duran Duran. It’s a matter of personal choice of course.

The point is when doing the dull you can get more dum da da dum dum style with accompanying music.

Here are a few CD recommendations for your review:



We are going to use Bond as an example for VIP bachelors in forthcoming articles, so stay tuned.

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