When the bachelor wants to belly up to his bar, it isn’t just the quality of his booze that makes for enjoyment, it’s what he holds it in.  In keeping with bachelor style, you should have the requisite glasses for the requisite giggle water.  

No beer glasses for wine, no wine glasses for a martini, you get the photo.

Nothing quite like a single malt in the proper glass so as to appreciate its aroma as well as its taste. Nothing quite like a crystal rock glass with sparkling ice and a Bourbon that can’t be beat.

When it’s time to up your bar class with the right glass think Libbey Bar in a Box, eighteen pieces for your drinking enjoyment.


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One of the cool things about being a bachelor is the fact that should you wish it, your entire digs can be your man cave.  While the lowly married mook may get a small room, or be consigned to the basement, not you, you single smart guy.

So with all of that room, with all of that freedom, how about some suggestions for cool stuff to put in your man cave. Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker, and for the quicker liquor picker upper for your man cave adult beverages try this beauty: Wyndham House Four Bottle Liquor Dispenser

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Functional, stylish and a great item for the “wet” section of your man cave.



The concept of the cocktail shaker goes back to the ancient civilizations that supposedly were jump started by aliens.  (One wonders what the reptilians from the stars put in their cocktail shakers while they were probing human Egyptian entrances and starting pyramid schemes).

Jazz age cocktail shakers were sometimes made of sterling silver, for a luxurious temporary housing for a soon to be born martini. The cheap seat customers had to make do with glass or nickel plated shakers, but they still got the job done. Have enough of the contents therein and it was definitely twenty three skidoo to the porcelain god.

From the thirties through the fifties, the cocktail shaker was an emblem of class, and for the bachelor, a symbol of his swinging lifestyle.

As a VIP bachelor, when it comes to a cocktail shaker, you want something a little different, something a little retro to remind you of the glory days of cocktail culture.

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Here is a set that serves as the answer.


Tea is so good for you.  Don’t be one of the peasants who put milk, or sugar or lemon in yours. Just get a proper tea, and you will enjoy its properties, without the need of adulteration.

One of the great teas you can try, if you like dark smoky teas, is Scottish Breakfast Tea.  A great brand is BRODIESIt’s kind of like the Johnnie Walker Black of teas. 

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Good for you, with a sophisticated taste, it makes a great substitute for coffee.


If you want a refreshing lager, 4.4% alcohol, you might want to try Modelo Especial.  A Mexican beer, quite a good seller in the US, and greatly appreciated in its country of origin, Modelo Especial brings a fresh crisp taste to your palate.

Stock the fridge, bachelor.  Your pals that are fans of lagers are going to love this.




Smooth, flavorful, a great stand alone shot, or good for mixing. Reasonably priced, unreasonably good.

Make your next vodka martini—whether shaken or stirred—with Luksusowa, it means luxury in Polish, it tastes that way too, in any language. A must for the bachelor at happy hour, or anytime it’s martini time.

A Blurb on Bourbon

One of the finer bachelor things in life is a rock glass filled with bourbon and ice.  The liquid’s color, the aroma, the taste, and of course the wonderful psychological effect of drinking sufficient (or more than sufficient) quantities of this nectar of the corn gods is a consummation devoutly to be wished.

Maybe it would be better phrased, “a consuming devoutly to be wished,” because that’s what it’s for…drinking.

Now, as with all other things, pleasurable or otherwise, there is a law that controls bourbon.  Since you’re all dying to know what that might be, let’s take a gander at the Code of Federal Regulations at 27 CFR 5.22 (b)(1)(i) :

“Bourbon whisky is whisky produced not exceeding 160° proof from a fermented mash of not less than 51 percent corn and stored at not more than 125° proof in charred new oak containers.”

It has to be made in the US but not necessarily Kentucky, (although most is, and certain types of bourbon must be made there). It cannot contain any additives.

So now that we’ve taken care of the fine print, here is one recommendation for bourbon that you just might like to sip on, BUFFALO TRACE

Photo courtesy of Buffalo Trace Distillers

It tastes of caramel, vanilla, with a trace of mint in the aftertaste, smooth as silk; a bourbon to make a bachelor a mellow fellow.  Sounds like sixties’ print ad copy, but your humble servant at this blog means what he says.  I drink it, and you might want to try it.

Adults only of course, and use it responsibly.