VIP Bachelor Club


We bring many benefits, good ideas and much useful information to the bachelor.  Consider it a kind of club for single men, whether lifelong, or born again bachelors.  (No pole dancers however, and the only tips you can leave are ones that help your fellow single man).

This site will help upgrade your lifestyle, offer topics and tricks to be your bachelor best, and generally nudge you in the VIP direction of enjoying your life without the aggravation or alimony payments that spring from being married…or having been.

Your host, having learned from the mistakes of others in his 35 years as a New York divorce and family law attorney, has remained a life long bachelor, and enjoyed a peaceful and prosperous existence thereby.

A regular article contributor from 2008-2015 to one of the largest James Bond lifestyle websites, having lived and/or traveled to Mexico, Germany, Singapore, Korea, Costa Rica, Denmark and the Bahamas, he searches and researches to bring the bachelor the VIP treatment he deserves, from others, and from himself.


So get comfortable, grab an adult beverage, read the postings that follow and join us on our journey. As always, if you have a useful contribution to make to your brother bachelors, please comment.



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