You may have seen the sites on YouTube, you may have heard some passing reference to “Men Going Their Own Way” or MGTOW.

There are different degrees of MGTOW proponents, from the practical to the psychotic.  A journey through YouTube will quickly show you the spectrum of these “loners with boners” who are not gay, but are looking to be happier, by avoiding the usual snares of the femalus domesticus.

The MGTOW movement is populated by people of the male persuasion who have realized, that in Western society, the man is no longer on top, but a second class citizen; a purse of fortunatus for women, who is most unfortunate when buying into the concept of settling down and getting married.

You know marriage: that legal relationship where two people come together and agree to engage in future legal proceedings where the man in the relationship gets financially eviscerated, and kept a stranger to such children as the marriage might have created. (Talking traditional marriages, folks, where opposite sex types get to oppose each other in the halls of injustice).

I have enjoyed on a temporary basis, many women from many different countries in my long life.  I have never married, nor to my knowledge fathered anything more living than a hangover.  Fortunately, I practiced divorce law in New York for some thirty five years, and was not a fan of some political hack in a black robe telling me how much my freedom was going to cost.

Time after time, I have seen good, decent men, who did not cheat on their wives, who had their nose to the grindstone, who stepped up fully to the role of father, who then got royally screwed in the courts because one day the wife fell in love with Raul, the pool boy, or felt that her true freedom lay in pottery making in Taos, New Mexico. (Not literally, but you catch the drift).

The MGTOW men realize that life is not a dress rehearsal, and that married life has a more than fifty-fifty chance of totally fucking up your future.

Some MGTOW men become monks, others just want to engage in monkey business with women, without putting a ring on their lady’s finger, and a ring through their own nose.

So check out some MGTOW videos and see what you think.  Remember, if a bachelor didn’t know more about the nature of women than a married man, he would be married.

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