Here’s lookin’ at your hat,                                Humphrey.

You must remember this; the fedora is one very cool hat for the VIP bachelor that can bring it off.  It can be the beginning of a beautiful friendship between your head and a hat.

Its wide brim, pinched crown, hatband, and felt construction make it a standout topper for your sophisticated mug.

It first started out as female hat back in the late nineteenth century, but by the mid 1920s it became a popular man’s head cover.

You’ve seen it in movies from the 30s, 40s and 50s.  (Bogey above rocks it in Casablanca). It is having a renaissance among today’s fashion savants.

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Is it for you?  Why not explore the various offerings: 



You can’t have too many pairs of cuff links, and as a  VIP bachelor, you can’t have too many cool pairs of sunglasses.  Wearing the right frames will make you a standout star, and people will be waiting for the paparazzi to appear to chase you.

Well, maybe not, but you can look pretty cool with the right shades, in addition to protecting your eyes from the evil nasty UV rays of the sun.

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Check out this pair, or any of the other amazon offerings that might catch your eye.


Of course, bachelors do not live by this blog alone. So here are some blog recommendations for your enjoyment, entertainment and education:

Sven Raphael Schneider does a great job of educating men on what classic styles to wear in Gentleman’s Gazette.  For the sartorial Anglophile, there is The Rake.  

If you want to dress like James Bond, check out Bond Suits.  Bryan Sacawa gives you a ton of information on how to live more stylishly, and look great while you are doing it at He Spoke Style.

So explore the above sites, and remember, when commenting to mention that you found out about their blogs on vipbachelorclub.com


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One of the traditional jewelry items for the well dressed man is the signet ring.  This ring, usually worn on the pinkie, will bear initials of the wearer, or depending upon the pedigree of our VIP bachelor, the family coat of arms.

Signet rings have been around for many centuries.  Royalty and government ministers often used them to impress their official seal on important documents, correspondence and mandates.

If you aren’t yet royalty or a government minister, you can still impress others with your signet ring.  Here’s an example above, and a gateway to shop for your impressive signet ring.


Fortunately for the VIP bachelor, the only patter of little feet he hears around his pad, is that of his own.  When lounging around, when enjoying a fine cigar wrapped up in an elegant smoking jacket, one also needs elegant slippers.  It makes for a complete picture of relaxed indulgence.

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No pink bunny footwear, no plaid abominations, but the real deal…a velvet slipper.  It is an indulgence, true, but then what is the VIP bachelor life all about, if not indulgences?  The image at right is but one suggestion for your feet when in relaxation and smoking mode.

Click on the image, and wander around the offerings at amazon to wrap your feet in the bachelor luxury they deserve.

Your feet will thank you.





While you are enjoying a fine cigar, think about dressing for the occasion.  A smoking jacket makes an elegant addition to your wardrobe and your smoking pleasure.

It can also serve you while entertaining at home, for an upgraded look.

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Yes, it is retro playboy bachelor attire, and isn’t that dandy?  Classics become classics because they are classy, and a smoking jacket fits the bill perfectly.

Explore your choices by hitting the image.


Bachelors must not only look good, but they should also smell good, without being obvious or overpowering.  One of the oldest colognes, the stuff that Napoleon used to bathe in, is 4711.

This light and refreshing scent has been around for centuries.  It makes a great body splash after the shower, and it’s the kind of subtle scent that tells those in the know that you are a first class bachelor all the way.

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If you’ve never tried it, now would be a good time to get introduced to this fine fragrance.

A Rose is a Robe

The dressing gown is a classic piece of traditional bachelor attire.  It is ideal for lounging around the bachelor pad while in pajamas, or when entertaining some special soon to be significant other.

In the old days at home, they took off the suit jacket to relax, and put the dressing gown over their shirt and tie and pants. (WTF???) But that’s what they did.  That may be a tad too old school for today’s man.

You’ve seen it in the old movies, perhaps you own some kind of terry cloth abomination, but we are talking the dressing gown, not the bathrobe. Save the flannel plaid stuff for Saturday morning cartoon watching. The dressing gown upgrades your personal style at home, and isn’t that what we are aiming for while home alone or not alone?

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A great trademark for class dressing gowns (and other sleep related wear) is Derek Rose.  Take a look at a fine example:

Enter through the .gif shop at right and take a gander at these Roses that do not have any thorns. Style and comfort…a happy marriage for the bachelor.



Here is another look not every bachelor can pull off.  The ascot. You probably want to be at least thirty five, although there is no legal age of consent on this one.  The not so humble ascot sends a message:  you are a man of wealth and taste (or at least taste) and you are not necessarily related to Thurston Howell III.

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When a tie is not binding, when you want to put a little more anti-sprezzatura in an open shirt, consider the ascot.  You might look like an aging retro playboy, and your problem with that is?

I have worn one many times at many different occasions, and all I have received are compliments.  It helps if you have a little gray at the temples, and a very nice white shirt and blue blazer to frame the ascot.

You will either shun it or love it.  If you love it, why not explore the possibilities on amazon. Many styles to choose from, so click on the image above and start necking.


Watch Out

We are often told, and your humble blog host believes, that women notice our shoes and watches.  They broadcast our economic and personal “class.”  You don’t have to spend a fortune on a watch to leave a good impression.

Below are a few suggestions that will add to your image capital, but won’t break the bank. (They can be purchased at amazon, where I have an affiliate relationship: you don’t pay more, I get a small commission).