A bachelor’s reach should exceed his grasp, but his grasp should be strong.  Nothing like a strong grip to help you add pounds to the barbell, or assist you in hauling the groceries out of the car.

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There are many devices to strengthen your grip, but I have personally used these hand grippers to make quick gains in hand strength. Try them.


When the bachelor wants to belly up to his bar, it isn’t just the quality of his booze that makes for enjoyment, it’s what he holds it in.  In keeping with bachelor style, you should have the requisite glasses for the requisite giggle water.  

No beer glasses for wine, no wine glasses for a martini, you get the photo.

Nothing quite like a single malt in the proper glass so as to appreciate its aroma as well as its taste. Nothing quite like a crystal rock glass with sparkling ice and a Bourbon that can’t be beat.

When it’s time to up your bar class with the right glass think Libbey Bar in a Box, eighteen pieces for your drinking enjoyment.


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A journey of a thousand  miles begins with the first step (unless you opt to drive, take a train, a ship, or fly), but c’mon let’s be nice to mangled old Chinese philosophical statements.  They work. So do the Japanese versions.

Step by step, inch by inch, that’s the Japanese Kaizen way.  Small improvements every day, leading to major beneficial changes in your lifestyle.  Whether it’s improving your living environment, your dress, your education, your finances, eat the elephant one bite at a time. That’s basically Kaizen philosophy.  Get the information you need to make those one small step at a time changes here:

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Okay, not every bachelor can bring off this look.  It helps if you look like a Russian Mobster, an Eastern European Spy, or Darth Vader’s life coach.  But if you can swing it, you’ll be a standout VIP bachelor in a black leather trench coat. 

Wear it. See if you don’t get treated with a bit more respect than usual. Awe even. Perhaps even a touch of fear.  You probably always wanted one, so why not go for it?


Housekeeping/housecleaning. What bachelor really likes doing this; but it is a necessity.  The VIP bachelor should live in a dwelling that reflects his class, his style, his neatness, and the fact that hidden away in some cupboard are a bunch of cleaning supplies and tools.

But, you don’t have to make it a marathon.  Ten minutes a day will find you free of dust bunnies and other filthy fauna you don’t want hanging around in your bachelor pad.

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Here’s a guide for you to go for it:


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You know, there’s a reason your suit coat has that breast pocket.  It is the location where you should put that silk/linen/cotton handkerchief, more properly known as the pocket square.

You aren’t completely dressed up without a pocket square.  It is the finishing touch on your outfit that can be the start of something big.

Here’s a link that shows the various methods of stuffing your pocket square, from the traditional to the more intricate.  Click on the image above to buy some great pocket squares at a great price.



Okay, there is golf. Ho hum. Want something more challenging, more aerobic, more romantic and just plain more bachelor cool?

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FENCING.  Great workout, like combat chess between pirates and other swashbuckling types, but you are the chessman, and you get to whack people with a (dull) foil, epee’ or saber. (Saber is the most fun, I think, because you can slash as well as stab).

I have seen men in their eighties who can still make like Errol Flynn.  The competition in this sport is fast and furious, and a hell of a lot of fun. Even James Bond did it in the movies. (Die Another Day).

Women love it when they hear you fence, and you can get some rich clients from it…just like golf, only better.  Click on the image above, and get turned on to the six part documentary.


Every VIP bachelor has the same amount of time every day, but the wisest of them, knows how to wring out of every little second all its potential benefit.

Consider your moments of downtime.

You are answering nature’s call in the second degree, seated as was Rodin’s The Thinker. Outside of the obvious, are you using that time to your external (as well as your internal) betterment?

You can.

Have some useful reading material by your side, and use your time on the old thunder box to bring some lightning into your life.  You may study a new language, read a business book relevant to your career, or absorb some of the thoughts of the world’s greatest philosophers.

In the auto?

No texting or calling while driving, but it earns you a merit badge to put  some audio book into the CD slot and start adding to your body of useful knowledge.  Improve your vocabulary, learn new sales techniques, or anything else that might make you a better bachelor.

What is the alternative?  Waste the time you spend expending waste?  Drive yourself crazy in the boredom of bumper to bumper?

While we are in the subject of efficient use of your time, your humble blog host recommends that instead of the electronic stuff, you maintain a hard copy agenda If you drop it, it doesn’t break, it never runs out of batteries, and can be rather stylish depending on one’s taste.

Here’s the one I swear by, the DAYTIMER

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This Planner starter set features croc bonded leather, snap closure and seven-ring binder. Includes undated calendar pages, tabbed address and phone directory, lined note pads, bookmark ruler and more. There are many more to choose from, undated and dated for the new year to come. Check out the choices. A New Year coming up, get yours now.


Nine more days to  Halloween.  Spooky reading anyone?

Here is a double for you to consume by candlelight in the dark to celebrate this Holiday of Horror.  It’s an e-book compilation on Kindle. If you don’t have the Kindle app, you can get it free from amazon when you order any kindle e-book.

DOUBLE DREADER-Horror Bundle  

Miranda Rites and Esprit De Corpse are combined in this Horror Bundle. Miranda Rites deals with a true crime story of an exorcism gone bad. Esprit De Corpse is a collection of horror stories guaranteed to entertain.

Check it out today it’s just the trick that will treat you to some shivers. And of course, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


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Many of you have heard of long time comedian and joke teller extraordinaire, JACKIE MARTLING.  You may remember him from the Howard Stern show.  He was the writer behind Stern, the real funny man behind the media facade.

Well now, Jackie has published his autobiography BOW TO STERN, which reveals the inner workings (and things which didn’t work) in his long time career as the Joke Man.

I am proud to be his friend for over fourteen years, and I heartily recommend his book to one and all.  Get it today.