The concept of the cocktail shaker goes back to the ancient civilizations that supposedly were jump started by aliens.  (One wonders what the reptilians from the stars put in their cocktail shakers while they were probing human Egyptian entrances and starting pyramid schemes).

Jazz age cocktail shakers were sometimes made of sterling silver, for a luxurious temporary housing for a soon to be born martini. The cheap seat customers had to make do with glass or nickel plated shakers, but they still got the job done. Have enough of the contents therein and it was definitely twenty three skidoo to the porcelain god.

From the thirties through the fifties, the cocktail shaker was an emblem of class, and for the bachelor, a symbol of his swinging lifestyle.

As a VIP bachelor, when it comes to a cocktail shaker, you want something a little different, something a little retro to remind you of the glory days of cocktail culture.

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Here is a set that serves as the answer.