You can’t have too many pairs of cuff links, and as a  VIP bachelor, you can’t have too many cool pairs of sunglasses.  Wearing the right frames will make you a standout star, and people will be waiting for the paparazzi to appear to chase you.

Well, maybe not, but you can look pretty cool with the right shades, in addition to protecting your eyes from the evil nasty UV rays of the sun.

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Check out this pair, or any of the other amazon offerings that might catch your eye.


Of course, bachelors do not live by this blog alone. So here are some blog recommendations for your enjoyment, entertainment and education:

Sven Raphael Schneider does a great job of educating men on what classic styles to wear in Gentleman’s Gazette.  For the sartorial Anglophile, there is The Rake.  

If you want to dress like James Bond, check out Bond Suits.  Bryan Sacawa gives you a ton of information on how to live more stylishly, and look great while you are doing it at He Spoke Style.

So explore the above sites, and remember, when commenting to mention that you found out about their blogs on


You may have seen the sites on YouTube, you may have heard some passing reference to “Men Going Their Own Way” or MGTOW.

There are different degrees of MGTOW proponents, from the practical to the psychotic.  A journey through YouTube will quickly show you the spectrum of these “loners with boners” who are not gay, but are looking to be happier, by avoiding the usual snares of the femalus domesticus.

The MGTOW movement is populated by people of the male persuasion who have realized, that in Western society, the man is no longer on top, but a second class citizen; a purse of fortunatus for women, who is most unfortunate when buying into the concept of settling down and getting married.

You know marriage: that legal relationship where two people come together and agree to engage in future legal proceedings where the man in the relationship gets financially eviscerated, and kept a stranger to such children as the marriage might have created. (Talking traditional marriages, folks, where opposite sex types get to oppose each other in the halls of injustice).

I have enjoyed on a temporary basis, many women from many different countries in my long life.  I have never married, nor to my knowledge fathered anything more living than a hangover.  Fortunately, I practiced divorce law in New York for some thirty five years, and was not a fan of some political hack in a black robe telling me how much my freedom was going to cost.

Time after time, I have seen good, decent men, who did not cheat on their wives, who had their nose to the grindstone, who stepped up fully to the role of father, who then got royally screwed in the courts because one day the wife fell in love with Raul, the pool boy, or felt that her true freedom lay in pottery making in Taos, New Mexico. (Not literally, but you catch the drift).

The MGTOW men realize that life is not a dress rehearsal, and that married life has a more than fifty-fifty chance of totally fucking up your future.

Some MGTOW men become monks, others just want to engage in monkey business with women, without putting a ring on their lady’s finger, and a ring through their own nose.

So check out some MGTOW videos and see what you think.  Remember, if a bachelor didn’t know more about the nature of women than a married man, he would be married.

Got an opinion on the subject?  Leave a comment (but keep it polite).

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Bachelors must not only look good, but they should also smell good, without being obvious or overpowering.  One of the oldest colognes, the stuff that Napoleon used to bathe in, is 4711.

This light and refreshing scent has been around for centuries.  It makes a great body splash after the shower, and it’s the kind of subtle scent that tells those in the know that you are a first class bachelor all the way.

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If you’ve never tried it, now would be a good time to get introduced to this fine fragrance.


A bachelor’s reach should exceed his grasp, but his grasp should be strong.  Nothing like a strong grip to help you add pounds to the barbell, or assist you in hauling the groceries out of the car.

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There are many devices to strengthen your grip, but I have personally used these hand grippers to make quick gains in hand strength. Try them.


“A dandy is a clothes wearing man, whose trade, office and existence consists in the wearing of clothes.”   -Thomas Carlyle in Sartor Resartus

Well, old Tom got it partially right, but he missed a few nuances.  Dandyism, that desire to be exquisite in appearance, to be perfectly groomed and graceful is a means of self expression.

The attention to textiles, texture and tailoring which the Dandy advocates is not only a salute to oneself, but it is a testament to a conception of being immaculate in public, so as not only to NOT offend, but to enhance the public beauty of the well dressed man that every girl is crazy about, according to St. Z Z Top.

The VIP bachelor knows this, and practices this.  He knows that the devil is in the details for the Dandy.

Bottom line past all the fancy lingo: you get treated better when you look better than Joe Sixpack. You want to appear to be Carl Cognac.

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For inspiration and edification check out this book, I AM DANDY 

You are gonna love this one. Get it here. 


The VIP bachelor looks the part at home, on the prowl for companionship, and at work.

One of the first class “James Bond” methods of carrying your important business paperwork, is the metal attaché case. It can range from the retro, to the futuristic, and make you look like you know what you are doing and you’re on your way up in the world.

Cases like the metal one you see here can even be used in self defense in an emergency…how James Bond is that?

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If you like the “international man of mystery” look in your business case, you may want to consider the

Gun Metal Delegate from Samsonite.

Samsonite has been around for a long time, and their products enjoy significant longevity.

I have had a Samsonite hard case all throughout my legal career, and it still looks impressive after thirty six years of noble service.

Now it’s your turn to impress, and test your metal. Check this model out, and the other business case offerings from amazon.


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Are you carrying a torch?  Well, here’s one worth carrying when you need to be quick with a joke and to light up a smoke.  These gold colored lighters don’t use gas, they use electricity.

How enlightening is that?  They’re rechargeable, and the battery can last for up to 300 lights.  Then just plug it into a usb port, and within 2 hours, you are good to come on baby light that fire again and again.

Much better than a Bic when a lady asks for a light.  Plus, you get two of them for a low price.

A smart look and a smart purchase for the VIP bachelor.


The cigarette smoking bachelor can look more VIP with a cigarette case.  They have been around for a couple of centuries, and add a little panache to your favorite ash.

They can also protect your cigarettes from being crushed better than the packaging in which they originally came. (See, I didn’t end the sentence with a preposition.  There are benefits to an education).

Don’t smoke?  Well, you can repurpose the cigarette case to hold business cards, and pass them out with a flair to be remembered.

Myself, I prefer the Victorian designed cases.

Here is a good example:

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One of the best creators of classic fountain pens is the Parker Pen Company.  I have several models of both ballpoint and fountain pens.

Among my favorites, for style, class, and writing those missives requiring a solid signature, is the Parker Sterling Silver Sonnet.

It definitely makes a statement, not only in writing, but in the verbal appreciation of others who will compliment you on your taste.

Use it for your journal, use it to sign checks.

Whip this one out at your next contract signing, and you will definitely be thought of as a VIP bachelor.