Now isn’t that a great way to start your day?  Fortunately, the warning was a mistake…a really big one.  Those dwellers in tropical paradise had a bad half hour or so, when they thought that the land of pineapples would soon have a big mushroom cloud over it.

The point for bachelors was poetically put by seventeenth century writer Robert Herrick in his poem  To the Virgins To Make Much of Time when he penned these lines:  Gather ye rosebuds while ye may, Old Time is still a-flying; And this same flower that smiles today Tomorrow will be dying.

So, gentlemen, smoke the good cigars, drink the premium Scotch, enjoy your existence to the max…because one never knows when one fine morning it will be your last day on earth.


Happy New Year to all. 

This year, our enlightened VIP bachelor should learn to take advantage of all the benefits he has available to him. 

Credit cards offer points which can be used in purchases towards travel and purchases, or cash back. Have you been taking advantage of them?

You should in 2018.

Memberships like AAA or AARP offer many discounts and offers not available otherwise.  Have you been taking advantage of them?

You should in 2018.

Courtesy cards in places like CVS, Rite Aid or supermarket chains offer  savings which can total more than hundreds of dollars a year.  Have you signed up for these, and are you taking advantage of these cards?

You should in 2018.

You have various electronic devices that have, in all probability, many features that you aren’t using, and maybe even are unfamiliar with.  Learn them, and make sure you are taking advantage of such additional features.

On a personal note, a bit back, I scored a beautiful dressing gown, and some fitness equipment for free.  I just used accumulated points from American Express–points from purchases I had already made. I’ve received road maps for free from AAA.  On other credit cards, I’ve used accumulated points to reduce a month’s bill.

Start thinking about all of the things you are not yet taking advantage of, the discounts, the privileges. Then ask yourself have you been using them?

You should in 2018.



Any VIP bachelor worth the title, has either a dedicated room as a home theater, or a cinematic corner of his living room where there is a large screen TV and the appropriate sound equipment.

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To add to the ambience, consider decorating the nearby walls with movie posters.  It adds to the home theater experience.  For a fine example look to Bond, James Bond at right.

There are multitudes of movie posters available through Amazon, so explore by clicking on the image, and wander around the various offerings for you to find the perfect posters for your home theater experience.



When the bachelor wants to belly up to his bar, it isn’t just the quality of his booze that makes for enjoyment, it’s what he holds it in.  In keeping with bachelor style, you should have the requisite glasses for the requisite giggle water.  

No beer glasses for wine, no wine glasses for a martini, you get the photo.

Nothing quite like a single malt in the proper glass so as to appreciate its aroma as well as its taste. Nothing quite like a crystal rock glass with sparkling ice and a Bourbon that can’t be beat.

When it’s time to up your bar class with the right glass think Libbey Bar in a Box, eighteen pieces for your drinking enjoyment.


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Housekeeping/housecleaning. What bachelor really likes doing this; but it is a necessity.  The VIP bachelor should live in a dwelling that reflects his class, his style, his neatness, and the fact that hidden away in some cupboard are a bunch of cleaning supplies and tools.

But, you don’t have to make it a marathon.  Ten minutes a day will find you free of dust bunnies and other filthy fauna you don’t want hanging around in your bachelor pad.

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Here’s a guide for you to go for it:


Every VIP bachelor has the same amount of time every day, but the wisest of them, knows how to wring out of every little second all its potential benefit.

Consider your moments of downtime.

You are answering nature’s call in the second degree, seated as was Rodin’s The Thinker. Outside of the obvious, are you using that time to your external (as well as your internal) betterment?

You can.

Have some useful reading material by your side, and use your time on the old thunder box to bring some lightning into your life.  You may study a new language, read a business book relevant to your career, or absorb some of the thoughts of the world’s greatest philosophers.

In the auto?

No texting or calling while driving, but it earns you a merit badge to put  some audio book into the CD slot and start adding to your body of useful knowledge.  Improve your vocabulary, learn new sales techniques, or anything else that might make you a better bachelor.

What is the alternative?  Waste the time you spend expending waste?  Drive yourself crazy in the boredom of bumper to bumper?

While we are in the subject of efficient use of your time, your humble blog host recommends that instead of the electronic stuff, you maintain a hard copy agenda If you drop it, it doesn’t break, it never runs out of batteries, and can be rather stylish depending on one’s taste.

Here’s the one I swear by, the DAYTIMER

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This Planner starter set features croc bonded leather, snap closure and seven-ring binder. Includes undated calendar pages, tabbed address and phone directory, lined note pads, bookmark ruler and more. There are many more to choose from, undated and dated for the new year to come. Check out the choices. A New Year coming up, get yours now.


One of the cool things about being a bachelor is the fact that should you wish it, your entire digs can be your man cave.  While the lowly married mook may get a small room, or be consigned to the basement, not you, you single smart guy.

So with all of that room, with all of that freedom, how about some suggestions for cool stuff to put in your man cave. Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker, and for the quicker liquor picker upper for your man cave adult beverages try this beauty: Wyndham House Four Bottle Liquor Dispenser

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Functional, stylish and a great item for the “wet” section of your man cave.



Comfort, class and convenience; those are the bywords for the bachelor pad.  There are many ways to decorate; Mid century, Victorian, Modern. For some ideas on Mid Century decorating, which was perhaps the height of bachelor pad decor check out

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A ship has a bridge, an organization has a headquarters, and you, the VIP bachelor, should have your personal equivalent: what I call the Command Desk.

VIP types don’t waste time wandering aimlessly about, or spend ten minutes searching for their keys and wallet when they are running late.

You don’t want unnecessary effort in your bachelor life, you don’t want to waste time.  So what you need to do is organize and become more efficient.

You should have a desk in your dwelling, where you have your money, your checkbook, your keys and other items of every day carry located.  If practicable, your laptop or your tablet should be there.  Your phone, your address book, your agenda.

When they are not on your person, they should be at the desk.

The point is, you want to be able to control your life from that desk, without leaving the comfortable chair that should be there.

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Here are some items that will help you with creating your own command desk. An inexpensive and reliable shredder for protecting your ID-especially with security breaches today.


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A tablet.  These days they can almost replace your computer.

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A desk organizer to keep it all together.

You will save many hours and much aggravation by establishing your own command desk.  Every VIP bachelor should do this.


If you want a refreshing lager, 4.4% alcohol, you might want to try Modelo Especial.  A Mexican beer, quite a good seller in the US, and greatly appreciated in its country of origin, Modelo Especial brings a fresh crisp taste to your palate.

Stock the fridge, bachelor.  Your pals that are fans of lagers are going to love this.