Okay, there is golf. Ho hum. Want something more challenging, more aerobic, more romantic and just plain more bachelor cool?

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FENCING.  Great workout, like combat chess between pirates and other swashbuckling types, but you are the chessman, and you get to whack people with a (dull) foil, epee’ or saber. (Saber is the most fun, I think, because you can slash as well as stab).

I have seen men in their eighties who can still make like Errol Flynn.  The competition in this sport is fast and furious, and a hell of a lot of fun. Even James Bond did it in the movies. (Die Another Day).

Women love it when they hear you fence, and you can get some rich clients from it…just like golf, only better.  Click on the image above, and get turned on to the six part documentary.


The VIP bachelor looks the part at home, on the prowl for companionship, and at work.

One of the first class “James Bond” methods of carrying your important business paperwork, is the metal attaché case. It can range from the retro, to the futuristic, and make you look like you know what you are doing and you’re on your way up in the world.

Cases like the metal one you see here can even be used in self defense in an emergency…how James Bond is that?

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If you like the “international man of mystery” look in your business case, you may want to consider the

Gun Metal Delegate from Samsonite.

Samsonite has been around for a long time, and their products enjoy significant longevity.

I have had a Samsonite hard case all throughout my legal career, and it still looks impressive after thirty six years of noble service.

Now it’s your turn to impress, and test your metal. Check this model out, and the other business case offerings from amazon.

The Bond Brain-From Russia With Love

Here’s a post that I first wrote for jamesbondlifestyle.com which is a site I recommend you visit,(after you visit this one of course).  It deals with some lifestyle advice that is tailor made for the bachelor.  It was part of a series called THE BOND BRAIN, which looked at several of the novels, and extracted words to live by. Enjoy!


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We continue with the Bond Brain as evidenced by quotes from the Fleming novels. In this installment, we not only quote 007, but the late and lamented Darko Kerim, the Brit’s man in Istanbul in From Russia With Love.

Let’s start with an enlightening quote from Darko.  In speaking with Bond, Darko confesses “I am greedy for life.  I do too much of everything all the time.” 

Words to live by if you are not too old, but if you live by them for too long, you will never get to be too old. Don’t worry, most of you reading this have plenty of too much time left.

Sooner or later one realizes that the only thing we have at the end of life’s journey, besides a terminal condition that will kill us, is our memory of life.  What we did, what we didn’t, what we are grateful for, what we regret.

You want to max out on what you did and what you are grateful for.  You want to minimize the regrets of what you never did.

In order to do that, you have to follow Kerim’s sage advice. Know what it is like to over drink, over smoke, over…well you can figure that one out.  Don’t do it all the time of course, but don’t always limit your excess to moderation.

While you’re drooling on your shoes in the nursing home, you want to be able to wax nostalgic about the time you had the fifteen hookers and a kilogram of marmalade at that seedy Copenhagen railroad hotel.  You want a smile on your face as you reminisce about the two quarts of Japanese Whiskey you drank while pissing in the streets of the Ginza.

As a sage once said, nothing succeeds like excess.

Speaking of regrets, let’s quote Bond here. “Never job backwards.  What might have been was a waste of time.”

Words also to live by.  So you never wrote the great Armenian novel, you never climbed the big rock candy mountain.  So what?  Focus on what you have done, your triumphs, your more interesting tragedies.  Follow Kerim’s advice, and you won’t have much need to listen to Bond’s above thought.

Here’s another one from James.  “Now from months of idleness and disuse the sword was rusty in the scabbard and Bond’s mental guard was down.”

Now, the obvious symbolism of the above we will leave to those whose sex life is intimately connected with audio visual equipment.  But the old saw about how a rut is just a shallow grave is true.  Routines and routine thinking can leave you rusty, and if we listen to Kerim, we know it’s better to burn out than rust.

Examine what you have been doing, thinking. Is it just the same old same old, or is there a bit of innovation of improvement each day of your life?  There should be if you are living the James Bond Lifestyle, (which is the ultimate bachelor lifestyle).

Follow the above advice, and nobody will be asking you “What lunatic asylum did they let you out of?” (As Bond said to Grant in the movie).


Whether you are a VIP bachelor already, or aspiring to become one, reality reveals that a good portion of life is rather fucking boring. Humdrum.  A snore.

So how do we pimp up the ho hum hours, the mundane moments?  One good step in the VIP direction is to get a soundtrack to back up the boring.

Now, I think we can agree that James Bond would be a VIP bachelor.  He had a soundtrack. He always had one, so why not us?

Put some music to what you are doing whenever practical. Commuting in the car? Have the appropriate CD playing. Putting the night’s dinner in the microwave? Do it to the right tune.

Try this. Watch a segment of a Bond film when he’s not fornicating or fighting, and turn the sound off. Not even half as cool is it?

So–soundtrack it.

How do you choose? How do you “Bond” with your soundtrack?

It depends on when you bonded with Bond.      Obviously you can use music from the films, but you also want to use music similar to the times and moods of the films.

If you signed on in the Connery years, we’re talking jazz, calypso, “cocktail” and “lounge” music.

If you got the photo in the eighties (heaven forbid) maybe you’re talking Duran Duran. It’s a matter of personal choice of course.

The point is when doing the dull you can get more dum da da dum dum style with accompanying music.

Here are a few CD recommendations for your review:



We are going to use Bond as an example for VIP bachelors in forthcoming articles, so stay tuned.

Note: portions of this article are reprinted from an article of mine that appeared on a James Bond Lifestyle website. Above links are amazon affiliate links, if you purchase, I receive a small commission, your price does not change.