It’s one of the oldest cigar brands around.

Originally from Cuba, Partagas cigars eventually moved to the Dominican Republic. It might have had something to do with a guy named Fidel Castro. That late bearded shit disturbing dictator, who, among other things, nationalized the Cuban tobacco industry.

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Man oh man, VIP bachelor, if you like cigars, you have to try the various offerings of Partagas. The construction is superb, the taste tells you what a cigar is supposed to be.  You’ll never go wrong pulling out a Partagas from your cigar case, and you’ll never go wrong pulling your Partagas out of a cigar case like the one seen in this post.



Up In Smoke

One of the traditional pleasures of both the VIP and the bachelor is the indulgence in fine tobaccos, whether in cigars or pipes.  But, governments being what they are, voracious consumers of consumer taxes and legislators of morality for the majority, seek to make such individual pleasures both a source of bureaucratic revenue and personal remorse for those who indulge.

Depending upon where you live, your purchase of fine pipe tobaccos and/or cigars can come at an outrageous price with the addition of tobacco taxes and restrictions on even outdoor smoking.

While there isn’t much you can do to fight legislation governing where you can smoke, you can at least indulge at reasonable prices by purchasing your tobacco of choice from reputable dealers on the internet. Try the boys from North Carolina or Pennsylvania. J&R, Pipes and Cigars, Cigars International.