Good Sense of Humidor

Many of our VIP bachelors enjoy fine cigars.  (Some enjoy not so fine cigars too).  In any event, tobacco leaves used in cigars come mainly from tropical environments. (Not all, there are leaves used from Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Connecticut also, but the majority are from Central America, the Caribbean, and parts South).

Since these are tropical plants, they need to be kept within certain temperature and humidity ranges even when they have been rolled into cigars.  It keeps the cigars fresh and helps maintain flavor.  When properly aged, many cigars improve in taste.

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To do all of that, to keep your cigars within the 65-70% humidity range and within the around 70 degrees Fahrenheit temperature range you need a humidor.

Too high a temperature, too high humidity, your cigars can be ruined, and evil little tobacco beetles can pop out and eat your pets, demolish your house, and steal your immortal soul.  Well, maybe not, but they will ruin your cigars at least.

Now there are a variety of humidification devices available for your cigars, and please use distilled water only.

So what’s the best method of keeping your cigars happy, with the least amount of maintenance on your part?

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These packs (2 for every fifty cigars please) are no fuss no  muss when it comes to keeping your cigars at the proper humidity. (Proper temperature is up to you, make the proper climate control adjustments.  Cigars pretty much like the temperatures you do in your room 68-70 F.)

The interesting thing about Bovedas, is they make sure it’s not too wet, not too dry in your humidor. You could say they are bi-directional. They last several months, and then you toss them and add new ones to your humidor.  They come in a variety of humidity settings.

Use them, because they make protecting your cigars hassle free. Check them out by clicking on the above image.

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If you want an excellently constructed, flavorful and medium strength cigar, from one of the most respected cigar manufacturers in the world, you can do no better than the Hoyo de Tradicion from Hoyo de Monterrey.

Burns great, provides an array of flavors which evolve throughout the burn, and you don’t get the spins from nicotine content.

The wrapper, Honduran Rosado, comes from the Jamastran valley, the filler is Nicaraguan, Honduran and Dominican long leaves. Binder is  Connecticut habano.

Forget all the bullshit about caramel this, buttery that, nuts, cocoa and all the other crap that cigar reviewers like to pad their postings with.  This is a damn good cigar, and you should smoke it. Get it here Famous Smoke Shop Cigars on Sale

The Count of Montecristo

For those who like full flavored cigars but not the nicotine kick in the ass that sometimes accompanies smoking one, submitted for your approval is the Montecristo Platinum.

It has the earth and leather flavors you might expect, but never overpowering.  Its flavor nuances develop throughout the cigar, and with a strong ash, it has no problem staying lit.

It is a bit pricey, so depending on the depth of your pockets, you might want to make this a special occasion smoke.