Happy New Year to all. 

This year, our enlightened VIP bachelor should learn to take advantage of all the benefits he has available to him. 

Credit cards offer points which can be used in purchases towards travel and purchases, or cash back. Have you been taking advantage of them?

You should in 2018.

Memberships like AAA or AARP offer many discounts and offers not available otherwise.  Have you been taking advantage of them?

You should in 2018.

Courtesy cards in places like CVS, Rite Aid or supermarket chains offer  savings which can total more than hundreds of dollars a year.  Have you signed up for these, and are you taking advantage of these cards?

You should in 2018.

You have various electronic devices that have, in all probability, many features that you aren’t using, and maybe even are unfamiliar with.  Learn them, and make sure you are taking advantage of such additional features.

On a personal note, a bit back, I scored a beautiful dressing gown, and some fitness equipment for free.  I just used accumulated points from American Express–points from purchases I had already made. I’ve received road maps for free from AAA.  On other credit cards, I’ve used accumulated points to reduce a month’s bill.

Start thinking about all of the things you are not yet taking advantage of, the discounts, the privileges. Then ask yourself have you been using them?

You should in 2018.


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